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Project Funding

Film & TV at Lindholmen Science Park is looking for innovative projects that are innovative in terms of content, business, work or otherwise and can create added value for the industry.


As part of the City of Gothenburg’s focus on film, Lindholmen Science Park supports innovative development projects in film, television and motion pictures. The overall goal of this is long-term growth in the entire regional film and television industry by promoting stronger producers and idea makers.


Apply for project financing

Every year, Film&TV announces three rounds of applications for development support within motion pictures to innovative players (see dates for the respective rounds further down). Before the application procedure, we want the projects applying for funds to define where they are in the development process, as well as why the project is in need of funding.

Common to all types of projects is that Lindholmen Science Park is looking for innovative projects, i.e. projects that are innovative in terms of content, business, work, or otherwise and/or can create added value for the industry.


Application steps

There are four different orientations to the support, which are divided as follows:

Targets technologically innovative projects throughout the development process

Aims at projects with short formats towards new display and distribution forms

Aims at projects in an early development process

Aims at projects during a later part of the development process where the goal is production decisions

Ansökan till projektfinansiering - Se kriterier och ansökningsguide nedan

film tv platta

Nästa ansökningsperiod är 2024 – Nya datum kommer snart!

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Who can apply?

The investment is mainly aimed at established producers and creators capable of developing and producing professional productions in film, television series, or other formats intended for distribution via cinema, linear television, streaming services, or other motion picture platforms.

The financing is aimed at projects under development, for example, idea development, script processing, pilot production, project packaging, or development of the business strategy. Projects that are in recording or post-production cannot apply for funding. It is also not possible to apply for funding if you are a student, e.g. in artistic education.

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The form of financing for innovative development projects aims to:

  • Promote the growth of established players in Gothenburg and the surrounding area
  • Promote collaborations between established and less established actors
  • Finance and/or develop outside traditional structures
  • Generate competence within the region
  • Have an international reach

Application guide for funding for innovative development projects. 

Kulturnämndens Regler för Innovationsstöd för film och rörlig bild (In Swedish)

Dates for application 2023

Round 1

Opens: January 11
Closes: 8 February 
Pitching: 27 February

Filmteam står vi en filmkamera och pratar

Round 2

Opens: April 19
Closes: May 17
Pitching: June 8

Filmkamera ligger i mitten av en väg

Round 3

Opens: September 6
Closes: October 4
Pitching: 25 October



Do you have any questions?

We are happy to discuss projects in advance or questions of various kinds!