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kille som pratar i mick på event

Audiovisual Days 2023 – thanks for this year!

"New Ways of Telling Your Story" - during Audiovisual Days 2023, we have focused the story on media, film, VR, games, podcasts and experiences. Thanks for all the conversations and inspiration! What...
Man mot svart bakgrund

AI’s evolving role in cinema & storytelling

This event promises an exploration of AI’s evolving role in cinema, offering attendees valuable insights into the future of film editing and production. On November 24, we'll be joined by Mads Damsbo...
två personer som vinkar in i skärmen

Exploring generative AI for creative industries

The digital edition of the Audiovisual Talks broke records with almost 150 registered participants. It was on Tuesday that the audience got to take part in Tatjana Samopjan's lecture on the theme...

Don't miss Audiovisual Days 14-15 November!

14-15 november är det dags för årets upplaga av Audiovisual Days att gå av stapeln - en mötesplats för innovation och skapande inom film, tv och VR.

Welcome to this year's edition of Audiovisual Days

Den 13-15 april är det dags att träffas digitalt på mötesplatsen för innovation och kreativt skapande inom film, TV, media och VR; Audiovisual Days. Eventet är kostnadsfritt!
personer i vr som utforskar

Explore Artistic Narrative in Extended Reality (XR): Apply to the Narrative XR Lab

Narrative XR Lab, a creative arena exploring artistic storytelling in Extended Reality (XR), is now opening its doors to new talent. If you are interested in VR, AR and MR, and want to be part of the...
Max Eriksson föreläser för deltagare på Katrinebergs folkhögskolas filmlinje under Filmresidens Halland 2022.

Apply for residency in Filmresidens Halland

The residency means that a filmmaker may come to Halland and Katrineberg Folkhögskola's film house for a period in the fall of 2023, in order to deepen a project or their work. The last day for the...

Application for project funding is now open


Application for Lindholmen Science Park’s next project funding of film and television projects is now open. The deadline for applications is February 8.