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Welcome to Audiovisual Days

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

From April 13th through the 15th, the time is here to digitally meet up on THE meeting spot for innovation and creativity in Film, TV, Media, and VR: Audiovisual Days.

This year's digital edition of Audiovisual Days offers a busy and exciting three-day program. We will focus on current trends and challenges, not only in film, but for all who work in film, TV, media, gaming, VR, and other areas of motion picture.

Our ambition with Audiovisual Days is to provide a wide range of new perspectives and knowledge - to inspire in the creation of tomorrow's big messages and experiences.

We will get to hear a fascinating talk on AI's continued effects in culture and media and listen to the consistently brilliant Johanna Koljonen presenting the eighth Nostradamus report," Transforming Storytelling Together." The program will also include a brand new case study from Gothenburg Film Festival's" The Isolated Cinema" and an exclusive master class from VR-queen Liz Rosenthal.

We will also get a unique look behind the scenes in the work behind the new Netflix-series "Snabba Cash." We meet Manusfabriken och the writers behind two Viaplay success stories, hear Gothenburg-based Cinenic tell about their new film" Så jävla easy going", and will get an in-depth look in the ever-growing world of podcasts. There we'll meet star comedians Dilan and Moa, and the creators of successful true crime pod "En mörk historia". And much more.

The event is mainly held in Swedish.