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Seven projects receive Innovation support for film and moving images

Monday, March 11, 2024

As part of the City of Gothenburg's film investment, Lindholmen Science Park supports innovative development projects in film, television and moving images. In this year's third and final round of applications for Innovation Support for Film and Moving Image, seven projects receive a total of SEK 850,000 in support.


This year's third search round of Innovation support for film and moving images is complete. There were 31 applications for a total application amount of SEK 5,911,750 for Lindholmen Science Park. The Cultural Administration decided on November 15 that seven projects would receive support of a total of SEK 850,000.

The management of the form of support takes place in cooperation between Lindholmen Science Park and the cultural administration's unit for cultural support. The purpose of the form of support is to strengthen producers and creators of ideas, in order to create long-term growth in the entire regional film and television industry. The support can be applied for three times a year.

Projects that are granted support

Adam James Sole proprietorship: A Present to The Approaching – SEK 60,000

Fasad Produktion AB: Sea of ​​Abundance – SEK 150,000

GetCine Media AB: Auteur Play – SEK 200,000

MoonHood AB: Hotel Midnight – SEK 100,000

Pushing Paper AB: Preservation of favored races in the struggle of life – SEK 200,000

Ramtin Parvaneh Sole proprietorship: Amo José – SEK 60,000

Studio Jox: Culture lap in AR – SEK 80,000