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Merry Christmas from Film & TV Lindholmen

Monday, March 11, 2024

Christmas and the turn of the year are approaching and here at Film & TV Lindholmen we can look back on a fast-paced and eventful year: Three completed project rounds for innovative actors, an AI workshop, online seminars, networking and lectures, and much more. A big warm thank you to all our employees, partners, and guests who helped us make 2023 memorable!

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Although the year itself has passed quickly, much has happened that has come to characterize our audiovisual industries. The TV industry has undergone a major change in a short time as the TV map has been redrawn and fewer series are now being developed compared to previous years, while digital developments in society continue to pave the way for innovation and creation, opening new doors for creators to develop and convey their stories.

At the industry event Audiovisual Days 8-10 November, this was tested, among other things, through a case study of "RUSET", Sweden's first drama series on TikTok. Could this be the start of a new wave of storytelling, which changes the way we think about development, production, distribution and marketing to reach out to the places where audiences today consume media and moving images? At the same time, it is no news that the production and consumption of moving images have increased explosively in recent years with the help of social media and new platforms for streaming media, and it is no big guess that the development will continue and increase in the coming years, especially with the entry of AI in the commercial market and how generative AI is likely to affect the creative supply chain, or how new technologies such as Virtual Production and other technological innovations are believed to revolutionize a large part of the production apparatus.

Considering how much has happened in the past year, it feels almost impossible to predict where we will be in 12 months, but if there is one thing that feels certain, it is that Storytelling and the primordial power of stories will remain strong, and that people's longing after being touched by unique, poignant stories remains. Regardless of new technological innovations, Storyn is, and remains, king!

Film & TV Lindholmen wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gunnar Eriksson,

Program manager Film & TV Lindholmen

Gunnar Eriksson

Gunnar Eriksson

Project Developer