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Gothenburg company to be acquired by Amazon's streaming giant

Gothenburg-based is acquired by the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. The company behind IGDB - 8 Dudes in a Garage - is one of the start-ups that began operations within The Game Incubator.

Amazon-owned Twitch, which is purchasing the IGDB platform, is the leading social video service and community for players where tens of millions of people from around the world gather each day to watch and interact around with games shown on demand via direct transmission.

'Our team has worked hard to build a community of passionate gamers. Now we are happy to be able to present the next chapter in our history,' explains Jerome Richer De Forges, IGDB, in a Medium postwhere he announces the news.

 The worlds largest database for computer games is being built here

The founders developed the idea behind the platform in 2010 when they saw the need to offer the gaming community a reference source similar to IMDB for film - a global gathering portal for all facts that can be of interest with respect to games and gaming companies. In 2015 they elected to go all in and started '8 Dudes in a Garage' as a start-up within The Game Incubator at Lindholmen Science Park.

Today, three years later, the database at consists of roughly 119,000 games from 21,000 different developers and is among the world's largest databases for computer games.

'IGDB is the incubator's first company to come in. We were hardly finished with the premises, but everyone was motivated and hungry,' says Christian Riedl, business developer at The Game Incubator. 
'IGDB's success is a victory to which we are proud of having made a contribution. The company is a shining example of what can happen when innovation environments can grow freely and do their thing. 

'We are extremely proud of IGDB and everything they have done. It's like a fairytale and we eagerly await the next chapter!

Great possibilities for IGDB

For, the acquisition means great potential for the previously small company. By becoming a part of Twitch, they will have the resources and competence to advance development of the platform and take another step forward.

'Millions of people visit Twitch every day to connect with their favourite streamers and their community. IGDB takes this possibility to an entirely new level and gives us the possibility of becoming an even bigger part of your gaming life,' continues Jerome.

The acquisition will also mean that Twitch will establish itself at Lindholmen Science Park via IGDB, which is something that Christian Fritiof, one of IGDB's founders also sees as a step forward for the region.

'As a small start-up, it feels fantastic to attract giants like Amazon and Twitch to Gothenburg and Lindholmen. The region is still dominated by the automotive sector, so making a contribution to a greater spectrum of employers in the region makes it even better.'

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About IGDB and Twitch
The company behind IGDB, '8 Dudes in a Garage', was started in 2015 as a start-up in The Game Incubator'. The financiers include Nascent Invest, the Goodbye Kansas gaming studio, Anton Westberg (Coffee Stain Studios) and Almi Invest.Twitch is the leading social video service and community for gamers where tens of millions of people from around the world gather each day to interact around live and on demand content. This includes watching, talking and chatting about video games and e-sports, as well as traditional sports, anime, music, creative art and other shared interests.