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DejaEdit achieves success with technology for remote editing

Over the years, project funding from Lindholmen Science Park has supported a large number of film and television productions. What perhaps is not as well known is that support is also provided to technological projects to promote the development of the film and television industry. One of the projects supported is DejaEdit, a technological solution being developed by CAN Film that enables remote editing of film.
Ludwig Källén creates dailies and clip files at the filming location in Los Angeles for the film Jessica by Ninja Thyberg (Plattform Production) that will be sent later via DejaEdit to the editors in Copenhagen.

DejaEdit’s vision is a simple one: facilitating and streamlining file management work, where in many cases the editing assistants spend more time locating and moving files than helping with the actual editing.

DejaEdit enables files to automatically end up on the correct computer without any input from the editor or the assistant, so even if the work entails several edit stations spread across the globe, all the media and metadata is kept synchronized. Material and timelines are transferred automatically among colleagues around the world without the need to be continuously connected.

DejaEdit began development in 2014 and has now been successfully further developed. After successful collaboration with Brain Academy and the series Ingen utan skuld (No One is Innocent), which had its première on September 14 on Viaplay, many productions have shown interest.

DejaEdit is currently being used on two feature films and one television series in Sweden; this autumn, it will also be used on productions in Denmark and Finland.

The next step is an even broader international launch:

We hope to attain greater international success and identify a re-seller network. Since DejaEdit uses local hard disks, we believe it will have a large market even in locations with poor networks and where streaming is unthinkable,” says Nikolai Waldman, one of the founders of CAN Film.

We are currently developing a few new functions for DejaEdit that we hope to release later this autumn.”

In the new version, it will be even easier to send timelines between the various clips. DejaEdit has also received support for Avid Nexis, which is a server that permits several editors to work on editing the same material. At present, Avid Nexis only works if everyone is in the same building, but with DejaEdit Assistant, one or more editors outside the building can now be added as well. Clip files can also be send directly from the filming location right to the Nexis server.

Lindholmen Science Park has co-financed the projects in two tranches, Click here to read more

More information about DejaEdit is available here