Hoppa till huvudinnehåll


While visiting her mother's remote childhood home, an eleven year old girl fears that her mother has become possessed by a demon of Swedish folklore.


Eleven-year-old Isa has a close connection to her mother Karin, a woman with a dark past and untreated anxieties. When a relative dies, the family must travel to Karin’s childhood home deep in the forests of Dalarna, Northern Sweden – a superstitious place where locals weave lockets of human hair and nail dead birds to their houses to keep the dreaded creature the Mara away.

For Isa, it is a mysterious and exciting world to explore. But their stay soon becomes a horrific reminder of Karin’s dark past. As her buried trauma surfaces, strange things start to happen around the old house, and Karin becomes increasingly obsessed with hair, lice, and cleanliness.

Is Isa's mother suffering from psychosis, or has the Mara taken a hold of the family? Now Isa must face the evil from her mother's past, or she could fall victim to the same fate that once scarred Karin.


Produktionsbolag: Cinenic Film
Regissör: Angelika Abramovitch
Manus: Joen Heed Winblad, Jessika Jankert, Theodor Österberg
Producent: Annika Hellström
Format: Långfilm 90 – 100 min
Produktionsår: Premiär höst 2024 - vår 2025
Genre: Folkloristisk skräckdrama