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You find yourself in a new world, guided by a narrator who speaks a language unknown to you. You have the subtitles to help you – but the question is, can the subtitles be trusted?


Dissonance is an Interactive VR Experience where the borders between film and game become blurred out. The experience will have a mix of sci-fi, comedy, horror and mystery genres. Generally, the experience is about a voice in a minority language such as Sardinian or Sámi giving the player certain instructions which are translated through subtitles. Soon enough it becomes clear to the player that there is a discrepancy between what is being said and the translation through the subtitles. It is now up to the player to choose to trust or distrust the voice or the subtitles. At its most essential level, the idea for Dissonance stems from a characteristically bilingual concern. The need for accurate subtitles and translations to languages we do not speak when we experience art.


Titel: Dissonance
Produktionsbolag: Leka Studios HB, Ominous Pictures
Regissör: Nicola Camoglio, Mike Shirnazar
Manus: Nicola Camoglio, Mike Shirnazar
Producent: Mike Shirnazar, Nicola Camoglio
Format: VR verk
Produktionsår: 2024