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Attend Narrative XR Lab - Final idea pitch

torsdag, oktober 27, 2022

On October 28, listen in on innovative XR ideas, listen to the Winner of VENICE VR, director David Adler, and celebrate the hard work that the participants of Narrative XR Lab have been through.

Narrative XR Lab is a creative lab at Visual Arena, where artistic storytelling in Extended Reality (XR) is developed and explored. At the Lab graphic designers, screenwriters, game developers, project managers, directors, and programmers have gone through a journey where they have been given guidance from experts to develop an XR idea with narrative elements. 

At this event, you can experience, newly developed XR ideas, listen in on a dialogue with the winner of VENICE VR, director David Adler, celebrate and network with people in the XR community. 


14:00 Welcome + short introduction of the lab with Paul Blomgren Do Van / Gorki Glaser-Müller / Ylva Olsson / Martin Högenberg

14:05 - 15:05 Dialog about VR-making with David Adler,  winner of the best VR story for the movie End of night, at the 78 Venice International Film Festival 2021 https://www.davidsellneradler.com/ 

15:15 - 16:30 Presentations of XR ideas (5 x 15 min) av Narrativ XR Lab-participants

16:30 - 17:0Discussion 

Come, get inspired, get to know new people, and learn new techniques in narrating in XR! 

The event is arranged by Gothenburg Film Studios and part of Narrative XR Lab, a project at Visual Arena. 

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