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Premiere for Hashtag

The web series Hashtag was one of the first projects to receive development financing from Lindholmen Science Park. The series will begin to be broadcast on SVT Play on April 19. Success was in the air at the sneak preview at the Capitol cinema a few days ago.

“Lots of new stars were made here tonight!” exclaimed director Anders Hazelius after the showing, as the young actors stood lined up in front of the screen with roses in hand. Some of them can be recognized from other productions, such as Kevin Vaz from Play, Loa Ek from Efterskalv, Miran Kamala from Beck, Johan Falk and Sebbe and Alexander Gustavsson from Pojkarna. There are also some new names, however, including Aviva Wrede, Emma Söderström and Winny Lopez. All those involved make great contributions to an expertly told and important story that represents a revitalizing shot in the arm for Swedish TV drama.

The series is partially based on the events surrounding the highly publicized Instagram riots of 2012. An anonymous Instagram account began publishing highly sexual images, mainly of girls, and on one day in December that year, hundreds of young people gathered outside a high school in Gothenburg in order to confront the person they believed was behind the account. 

Hashtag’s scriptwriters, Lowisa Löwhagen and Jessika Jankert, created fictional roles and courses of events to maintain distance between the real individuals involved, but the basic elements of an anonymous Instagram account and a major riot outside a high school remain.

The series consists of eight 15-minute episodes and was produced by Lizette Jonjic for Zentropa Sweden, with development financing from Lindholmen Science Park and in co-production with SVT and Film Väst.The first episode of Hashtag will be released on SVT Play on Tuesday, April 19, with one episode following per week thereafter. No matter how old you are – do not miss this!

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