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About us

On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, Lindholmen Film & television works to support development and innovation in gaming, films, television and motion pictures. We do this in close collaboration with production companies

Lindholmen Science Park makes a unique contribution towards film and television producers being given the conditions to develop new films, television series, and other formats of stories from our part of the world. Stories that, from a perspective of societal development, are important for our culture, our creativity, and our competitiveness.

The long-term objective is to expand film production in Gothenburg and western Sweden, and to provide new development opportunities for the collected skills already found in the field of media in Gothenburg. Our task also involves getting more production companies to establish themselves in Gothenburg, and through financing and collaboration, highlighting and supporting innovative ideas and projects in the field.

Cooperation with Gothenburg Studios and Gothia Innovations
Together with Gothenburg Studios, Lindholmen Film & television runs a number of studios with related services and premises with the objective of becoming one of Gothenburg’s most interesting places for film, television and advertisement production, concerts, and other types of events.

The Game Incubator has also been run at Lindholmen Science Park, in cooperation with Gothia Innovation, for a few years now. Thanks to The Game Incubator, promising new gaming companies get the chance to grow in a context which offers access to expert knowledge, business coaches and premises under favorable conditions. With its premises at Gothenburg Studios at Lindholmen Science Park, the Game Incubator now houses some 16 independent companies.

What we do

Financing of film and television projects
Through us, you can apply for project financing for new ideas, concepts, manuscripts, formats and technological innovations. Read more about project funding

Industry development
We carry out and support development projects with a focus on the gaming, film, and television industries, and we are continuously on the lookout for innovative ideas. We also jointly organize seminars and workshops for the purpose of developing skills, inspiring, and creating industry affiliation. Read more about initiatives we support

Business intelligence
We are mapping out where the industry is headed, and promoting increased transparency and knowledge of business models and audience behavior. Read more about the Nostradamus project

Collaboration for the gaming industry in Gothenburg
We support the gaming industry via business networks and collaborative projects. We have been involved in running Gamepoint GBG, a network for game developers, among other projects. The Game Incubator also joined Lindholmen Science Park in 2015. Read more about the Game Incubator here

Unique environments for your film production or music event
We support the development of the film environment at Lindholmen. The park houses studios, production offices, and other offices that we can provide via our partners. Read more about studio and production resources



Collaboration partners


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  • Film i Väst

  • FilmCloud

  • Gothenburg Film Studios

  • Göteborg International Film Festival

  • Göteborgs Stad Filmkontoret

  • Kulturakademin

  • Västra Götalandsregionen

  • YRGO