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Manusfabriken - Screenwriters to screenwriters

Fr the left: Niclas Ekström, Åsa Lantz, Emiliano Goessens, Frida Hallberg - Manusfabriken

Manusfabriken is an independent movement that consists of some of the most established screenwriters in Sweden. The movement is based on the idea of ”screenwriters to screenwriters”, which refers to the collaboration between writers.

Manusfabriken was launched in October 2016 and consists of seven established writers from Gothenburg. They all have solid experience from writing and developing film and tv-series. The movement was born out of a will among the Gothenburg writers to collaborate.

Through Manusfabriken, writers can meet and exchange experiences and share each other’s knowledge. The writers can also collaborate on existing projects as well as initiate new ones. Projects developed within Manusfabriken belong to the writers, and they are free to approach any producer they like.

The aim of Manusfabriken is to strengthen the screenwriting profession, highlight the screenwriters from Gothenburg and enable new talent to rise. Manusfabriken is made possible through the support of Lindholmen Science Park and Gothenburg City Arts Council.

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