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Yrgo to train scriptwriters

Yrgo has started a new training programme for scriptwriters this autumn with a focus on professional writing primarily for feature films and drama series, as well as for VR, games and new audio visual media.

More films and TV series are being produced in Sweden than ever before and the TV channels and new streaming services are staking on production of their own series. A broadening of the area where the gaming industry overlaps with film and drama is also evident and, as a result, the works spans an increasingly broader field.

The demand for experience and knowledge of writing high-quality TV series is great, but there are few established scriptwriters, which entails a great need to train additional writers and get them out on the market.

The new 'Scriptwriters' training programme, which is arranged by Yrgo, is intended for those looking to stake on a professional career as a scriptwriter primarily within film and TV. Writing for VR, gaming and new audio visual media will also be a part of the studies. In order to ensure that the students studying the programme gain the right skill set, the training has been designed by the industry and several well-known players are involved as collaborative partners. This includes Anagram, Baluba, Film i Väst, Jarowskij, Manusfabriken and SVT Drama, among others. The course lecturers are established scriptwriters who currently write for Swedish films and television, including both local and international scriptwriters.

Important to come into the market
Despite the lack of scriptwriters, it has become more difficult than ever to enter the film and TV industry and to make a living in the profession. For this reason, the newly established Yrgo places a major emphasis on preparing the students for a career as a freelance contractor and an important element of this is for them to create their own brand at an early stage in their careers. With LIA periods at established production companies and TV channels, they should be given the opportunity to build the professional network that is necessary in order to establish themselves after graduation. The training programme also promises inroads to various industry players, knowledge about how to attract assignments and tools for management of the legal aspects associated with operating their own businesses and protecting their intellectual property rights.

The creative process in focus 


Dragan Mitic, head of the training programme, explains more

'The training programme is designed on the basis of the students' creative process, from the initial concept to the finished product. We begin with a series of workshops that should give rise to ideas and finish with each of the students writing a feature length film script or concept for a TV series and pilot episode. Along the way, they attend lectures depending on how far they have progressed in their writing.'

'I believe that the number of lecturers and the collective breadth of their experience make us unique in Sweden. Our close collaboration with the industry also gives us access to international scriptwriters. In addition to traditional scriptwriters, we will also have guest lecturers from the gaming industry in order to keep the door open in that direction for those of our students who are interested in the format.'

'It is the first year that we are offering the training programme and I look forward to seeing how the students' various projects develop and following them along the way!'

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Yrgo Scriptwriters
Yrgo's scriptwriting training programme is a two-year full-time education offered to a total of 26 students. The coursework will be led by Yrgo's instructors in combination with a host of guest lecturers from the different industries. Classroom instruction will be provided about 3 days per week.  Acceptance is based on qualification and work samples. Read more at