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New application step for short formats for new display windows

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

For a long time, feature films and short films have traditionally been distributed through festivals and cinemas, but in an age when audiences choose other viewing options, there is reason to explore new ways of how a story can reach its specific target audience. That is why Film&TV presents, starting in 2023, the opportunity to apply for funding for film and television projects with short formats against new, alternative viewing windows.

The storytelling industries in the audiovisual sector are booming! Consumption of film, TV and moving images has long increased as new international services, platforms and viewing windows have been added to the market. There is today a greater range of media and moving images than ever before. At the same time, this places new demands on the Swedish film and television industry, which for many years has relied on a traditional financing system, a few television channels and national cinema chains.

So how does it affect our audiovisual industries, at a time when audiences today have more freedom than ever to choose what, how, when and where they want to watch and listen to today's stories? In line with the rapid digital development, there is every reason to investigate how film and moving images can reach their audience by working outside of traditional structures and business models.

That is why Film&TV at Lindholmen Science Park is initiating a new application stage which is aimed solely at shorter format projects that reach their audience in new, non-traditional, viewing windows. The goal is to support stories and narratives that proactively seek their audience outside of traditional forms of distribution. The applicant is free to choose where and how the stories are to be distributed and reach their audience, but it is a requirement that the film or series not be shown at film festivals and cinemas, but instead seek screening options that are more in line with the current development of how people today consume media and moving images. Film&TV also attaches great importance to the applicant analyzing at an early stage who the project's target group is, and how this is to be reached.

The support "Short format towards new display windows" can be applied for from 2023 under STEP 1.

Download the Application Guide to read more about our new step and the form of support in its entirety