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Inner Circle

The TV-series "Inner Circle" is based on a novel by Per Schlingmann and it takes place behind the scenes in politics. The essence of the story is about the game between politicians and the media and the project has been granted development support from Lindholmen Science Park.
Per Schlingmann Press

"We are aiming at recording in the second part of 2018. By 2019 we expect to broadcast it in eight 45-minute episodes," says Håkan Hammarén of Fundament Film.

"We are busy with the script and are waiting for a final O.K. from a leading VOD channel. It feels very good and we are pretty sure that the timeplan will work," Hammarén continues.

The Gothenburg-based production company Fundament Film has a long experience in film and television production, and Lindholmen Film & TV believes that they with the project "Inner circle", has a possibility to develop further and make it on the international scene for drama. The project has therefore been granted development support from Lindholmen Science Park.