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GötaFilm pitched the VR project "Kråkslott" in Venice

The VR project "Kråkslott", which has been granted development support by Film&TV at Lindholmen Science Park, is expected to premiere in September 2023.
Director Ismaila Jallow

"Kråkslott" is a story-driven VR work anchored in a little old boy's attempt to find his way in a difficult-to-navigate and double-sided adult world. The film is one of the approximately 180 projects that have been granted development funding by FFilm&TV at Lindholmen Science Park since 2014.
Behind the project are Gothenburg-based director Ismaila Jallow and producer Paul Blomgren DoVan from GötaFilm. During the fall, they visited the Film Festival in Venice where they had the opportunity to pitch the project. In an interview with Film&TV, they talk about the journey and the project's next step.

Read the complete interview (in Swedish)