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Audiovisual Talks is back with a masterclass by Soni Jörgensen

Audiovisual Talks is back! On November 2, scriptwriter Soni Jörgensen presents an exciting masterclass about character development in film, television, and video games.
Audiovisual Talks med Soni Jorgensen

How do you develop believable and engaging characters that are also unique? In an exclusive masterclass, Soni Jörgensen will give examples of how this can be applied in feature films, TV series, and computer games.

Character development is one of script development's most difficult but important parts. In narrative media, it is not about writing long literary character biographies, but about developing active characters with their own goals, who can challenge the character to undergo an inner change. One way to achieve this is through a methodology developed by filmmaker Frank Daniel, based on a character's "outer will" versus "inner need".

The masterclass consists of a presentation and ends with a Q&A moderated by Gunnar Eriksson, screenwriter and project developer for Film&TV at Lindholmen Science Park.

The event is free, but registration is required. You have the opportunity to take part in the master class online, or on-site at Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park. If you choose to participate online, a link to the online meeting will be sent the day before.

Register here