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Application for project funding is now open

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Application for Lindholmen Science Park’s next project funding of film and television projects is now open. The deadline for applications is February 8.

As part of the City of Gothenburg’s film initiative, Lindholmen Science Park is supporting innovative development projects in film, television, and moving images. The overall goal of this initiative is long-term growth across the entire regional film and television industry through stronger producers and idea creators.

Funding will be directed at projects under development, for example, script editing, pilot productions, or concept developments. Moreover, a new application category has been added, aimed solely at shorter format projects that reach their audience in new, non-traditional, viewing windows. The goal is to support stories and narratives that proactively seek their audience outside of traditional forms of distribution.

The deadline for application is February 8. The pitch will take place on February 27. 

Download the Application Guide to read more about our new step and the form of support in its entirety

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