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Application for project funding in film and TV is now open

Are you a professional producer, screenwriter or director? Do you have a feature film or TV series in development? This year's third round of applications for development funding for projects in film, television and moving images is now open.
Photo: Jakob Owens, Unsplash

As part of the City of Gothenburg’s film initiative, Lindholmen Science Park is supporting innovative development projects in film, television, and moving images. The overall goal of this initiative is long-term growth across the entire regional film and television industry through stronger producers and idea creators.

Funding can be sought by established producers and creators capable of developing and producing professional projects such as feature films, TV dramas, or other formats intended for distribution via cinema, TV, streaming services, or digital platforms. Funding will be directed at projects under development, for example, script editing, pilot productions, or concept developments. 

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The deadline to apply is October 5 at 5:00pm CET. Selected projects will be invited for a pitch on October 27.

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Stage 2

Stage 3