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Application for Narrative XR Lab Closes


Narrative XR Lab is a creative lab at Visual Arena that offers support, access to technology, and guidance from experts to develop an XR idea.

Arranged by: 
Visual Arena

Narrative XR Lab is looking for participants with the following profile:

  • Creator/writer/director - who is used to creating stories and concepts, and leading artistic processes. With a background in performing arts, film, TV, or the gaming industry with narrative as the focus.
  • Producer/project manager - who has experience in producing TV, film, performing arts, and/or games and can lead and drive work processes forward.
  • Developer/interaction designer - who is used to working with 3D tools, and game engines and has a good understanding of interactivity, and can model in 3D and create prototypes for different platforms.
  • Futurists/technicians

Participants will receive guidance on how to work with storytelling in XR and how to work technically in 360-degree video and VR production. You will also take part in lectures, seminars, and practical workshops that provide inspiration and knowledge about the outside world and the industry as well as what is required to create stories in XR and immersive media.

Projektet Narrative XR Lab is offered by Visual Arena in Lindholmen Science Park in partnership with Gothenburg Film StudiosRISEHDK-ValandKulturförvaltningen, Västra GötalandsregionenKultur i Halland, and Film&TV vid Lindholmen Science Park