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Project Funding

As part of the City of Gothenburg’s focus on film, Lindholmen Science Park supports innovative development projects in film, television and motion pictures. The overall goal of this is long-term growth in the entire regional film and television industry by promoting stronger producers and idea makers. 

The venture is primarily aimed towards established producers and filmmakers, who have the possibility to create and produce professional productions, including feature films, TV dramas or other formats intended for distribution through cinemas, TV channels or VoD services.

Funding will be directed at projects under development, for example script editing, pilot productions or concept developments. Productions currently being filmed or in post-production may not apply for funding.

The financing of innovative development projects is aimed at:

  • Promoting the development of content for film, television and motion pictures 
  • Stimulating change toward long-term, sustainable business structures
  • Increasing the opportunities for television and film producers to succeed internationally
  • Stimulating collaboration between production companies and idea makers
  • Promoting the development and use of new technology

In 2016, we conducted an evaluation of the work to date. Read the full evaluation here

Apply for project financing

In 2018-2019, the emphasis will be on television/web series, but feature films, VR or technology projects will also be considered for financing. As before, we would like to see applications that promote new technology, gaming, test new business models or in some other way can be regarded as innovative in motion pictures.

Development financing for TV series and feature films is based on three steps toward a project that is ready for production. It is up to the applicant to decide what stage the application applies to: Step 1, 2 or 3, depending on what phase the project is in. It is possible to apply for each step several times.

Selected projects will be asked to make a verbal presentation to a decision-making jury.

  • Round 1: Deadline: Friday March 1
  • Round 2: Deadline: Sunday June 2 
  • Round 3: Deadline: Sunday Oct 27 

Download and read the application guide before you prepare your application.

Deadline: Sunday October 27. Day for pitch: Thursday November 7.

Apply here (swedish)


lindholmen_gunnar_eriksson.pngGunnar Eriksson
Project Developer
Lindholmen Science Park

070-363 02 77